Staff and Volunteers

DirectorJohn Gehm, Executive Director.  The Executive Director serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the corporation. In this capacity he is responsible for implementation of policies set by the Board of Directors as well as annual goals and objectives, and financial, program, and administrative management of the corporation.  Essential duties include responsibility for overall leadership and implementation of short and long range planning and policies.  Responsible for the financial management of the corporation, including the development and implementation of the annual budget.

Renae Kruse, Program Coordinator. The program coordinator serves as liaison to Court Services officers, legal and local bar, victim assistance programs (public and private), Office of State’s Attorney, adult and juvenile judiciary and any other potential case referral sources. Solicit, coordinate, and review mediation case referrals.  Assign cases to mediators.  Recruiting new mediators.  Data entry regarding case tracking and report generation as well as data input for donor base.  On occasion assist Executive Director with outreach efforts to raise public awareness in community.

Kristina Hogan (Watertown)


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