What we do


What happened?

Who was hurt?

Who is responsible?

What needs to be done to make it right?

Different questions—new answers

Rooted in practices long used by indigenous cultures to acknowledge, heal and repair destructive conflict, RESTORE provides creative, safe and appropriate opportunities for harmed and harm-doer to discuss directly the human consequences of what has occurred,  address issues of safety and accountability, and help parties begin the process of moving forward.

RESTORE has been providing restorative justice services in the area for nearly 20 years, formerly under the name Victim-Offender Reconciliation Program (VORP) of Southeastern South Dakota. Our goal is to bring peaceful solutions to those in conflict, and to educate and make our communities safer, healthier, places to live.

Examples of Restorative Practices

Victim Offender Mediation—safe, structured, voluntary opportunities to ask questions, express feelings, obtain restitution.  Can be used in the aftermath of crime or to address any conflict between individuals seeking healing and transformative outcomes.

Peacemaking Circles—for all who are touched by conflict to share, heal, and recover community. Circles can be used for decision-making, understanding, honoring, or resolving conflict.

Restorative Return—reducing stigma and addressing victim fears through face-to-face dialogue; providing support, promoting safety, and reconnecting ex-offenders returning to the community through councils of care.

How to use our services:

Contact RESTORE at (605) 338-6020 or

Fill out our contact form.  You can also e-mail RESTORE-SD@sio.midco.net for a confidential discussion of your situation and ways in which restorative practices might help. Payment for most services is on a free-will basis.